seestephgo (seestephgo) wrote in newsworld,

Cruise ship accident...

I've already emailed this to multiple news stations, but feel free to send it around or post it on your journals. Please credit me as "S. Wallace".

Carnival cruise line ship, Celebration, has run ashore into a residential docking area. The ship shook and vibrated as it ran over rocks and shore as it attempted to dock at Nassau, Bahamas, which was it's second stop on the five day cruise. I am currently on the ship and we are all doing well. One crew member was evacuated due to an emergency medical situation. It is unknown to us passengers as of now whether or not the crew member was injured during the accident. One engine has failed and cannot currently be repaired and there is also some sort of leakage out of the rear of the ship. We are currently sailing at half-speed (10 knots) back to our original embarkation point, Jacksonville, Florida. Carnival has refunded all shore excursions, but has yet to discuss with us the possibility of a refund on the actual cruise. I appreciate your time and look forward to seeing any updates you may recieve from anyone else on your news stations. I will update if anything changes, as well.

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